Friday, May 20, 2016

Fun with the Jacksons

Yes, you read that right! We FINALLY got to see the entire Jackson Family in person! God bless them, they were driving from Oklahoma City to Destin, FL and decided to camp out with us for a couple nights! It was the most wonderful time and almost like we hadn't missed a day. Their sweet children, Owen (4), Laycee (3) and Cody (3 months) were just adorable and played so well with our crew. Matt even made it home from an out of town trip in time to share breakfast and visit a bit before they got back on the road. It had been so long since we saw our sweet friends and Baylee and I swear we won't let that many years pass between visits again!

We finally got to put Elijah's trundle bed to use. This was Elijah's first sleepover and it was awesome! 

Since we last saw one another, we've four children to our crew, two on each side. 

This was taken in the Jackson's first home, just a few months after Owen was born. 

Godmama Baylee selfies

Noah just loved Mama Baylee. It was so sweet how he instantly attached to her

Asher (9 months) and his buddy Cody (3 months) hanging out before bath time

The boys loving on Cody before bedtime on the last night